About Cindy


Demo with Steve Ryan, Ithaca Festival 2008
Photographer: RIck Lightbody (Thanks, Rick!)

Cindy Overstreet has been teaching & performing partner dancing since 1989, over 30 years now, including swing, lindy hop, west coast swing, Latin, salsa and ballroom.

*She has taught and performed regionally including Rochester, Endicott, Syracuse, Saratoga, Ottawa and Montreal at festivals and dance schools.

*She was voted Ithaca’s Best Dance Teacher 1999 by the Ithaca Times’ Readers Poll. She was artistic director of the swing performance team the ExtravaDancers from 1990 to 1993, and has choreographed for high school musicals and swing dance performance teams.

*She studied dance in college and has continued learning about many different dance and movement styles including Belly dancing, Tai chi, Sufi whirling, Modern, and Jazz. She is a certified DansKinetics (TM) instructor which is a movement and exercise form that focuses on centered and aware movement.
Cindy’s teaching style emphasizes having fun and enjoying the dance, the music and each other as we learn together.