Dance Shoes

When you are dancing you want your shoes to slide and spin well so you don’t torque your knees and ankles and you can execute your dance moves smoothly.

Dance shoes are specially made with a suede leather sole which allows you to slide and spin well.
Body Gear a local shoe store, has several options.  You can try the shoes on, instead of just ordering blind on the internet.  They will also order for you if they don’t have them in stock.

Online has many options, such as:
Dance Shoe Store
Aris Allen Shoes

DIY: You can also do it yourself by gluing mole skin (sold in rolls or squares at most pharmacies) to the bottom of a favorite pair of shoes or sneakers.  You can do the same with duct tape, felt or suede although the duct tape it is more temporary and sometimes will start to come off and stick to the floor unless you do it well.

You can also buy pre-cut suede soles with adhesive backing:
Suede stick on soles for dance shoes

You can also go to our local shoe repair guy and ask him to that for you:
Aurora Shoe Repair: 111 N Plain St # 1, Ithaca, NY 14850; 319-0221

See the Youtube videos below for tutorials:

Using suede:

Using duct tape:

Using felt: