West Coast Swing is a smooth style of swing developed in California in the early days of swing and danced in a slot formation. The dance continues to evolve and be influenced by current styles of music and dance (like hip-hip). Often danced to R&B, blues, club, country and pop, it can be danced to many styles of contemporary music including some Latin.

West Coast Swing 1: Beginning/ Intro
fundamental partnering & core moves: starter step, left side pass, right side pass, push break (sugar push), whip

West Coast Swing Level 2: Advanced Beginning/ Intermediate
Builds on the basic patterns with variations and more complex moves. Develops partnering and movement technique (like turns and pivots) to support more difficult moves.  Each series teaches new moves or variations, so no 2 series are the same.

West Coast Swing Level 3: Intermediate/ Advanced
Intermediate and Advanced cools moves and advanced skills such a musicality, advanced footwork variations, subtle partnering and complex dance/movement technique.  Each series teaches new moves or variations, so no 2 series are the same.  Designed as an ongoing class series to develop your dancing.

West Coast Swing: Technique Class
for advanced beginner up through experienced dancers
the underlying technique for footwork, turns, frame and more that develops the control, grace and style to make your dancing look and feel good!