These Music playlists contain musicĀ at tempos slow enough to practice your new dance moves and can be a starting point for building your own music dance collection.
Happy Dancing!

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Links to Playlists on Youtube:
(BPM = beats per minute)

East Coast Swing 110-119BPM
East Coast Swing 120-129BPM
East Coast Swing 130-139BPM

Lindy Hop 110-119BPM
Lindy Hop 120-129BPM
Lindy Hop 130-139BPM

West Coast Swing 80-89BPM
West Coast Swing 90-99BPM
West Coast Swing 100-109BPM

Links to Playlists on Spotify:
(BPM = beats per minute)

East Coast Swing 108-115BPM
East Coast Swing 1115-119BPM

Thanks to Dimitri for all his help putting these playlists together!