East Coast Swing Moves

EAST COAST SWING I Moves (Jitterbug)
(L=leader, F=follower, l=left, rt=right, rk= rock, x=cross hand)

  1. Basic Step (Starting foot (or 1st foot) for L is left, for F is right)
    Triple Time: Rock step (1,2) Triple step (3&4) Triple step (5&6)
    Double Time: Rock step (1,2) step 1st foot 3, tap 2nd ft on 4; 5,6 repeat with 2nd foot
    Single Time: Rock step (1,2) step 1st foot 3, hold 4, 5 step with 2nd foot, hold 6
  1. Follower’s Outside Turn
  2. Follower’s Inside Turn
  3. Leader’s Outside Turn
  4. Waist Slide
  5. Waist Slide to X hand then: Brush Off, F Inside Turn
  6. She Goes/He Goes Turns: variations on the F inside turn, L turns on 5&6
    She Goes/He Goes regular hand hold
    X hand She Goes/He Goes
    Brush Off
    Airplane Turn
  7. Turn with Duck (Ha, Ho! Step 3, hold 4, step 5, hold 6)
    Leader’s Outside turn
    Follower’s Inside Turn, x front on ct 5
  8. Butterfly Slide: Exit: Brush Off, Inside Turn
  9. Frisbee Turn (Double Frisbee L turns too)
  10. Pull Through: (F’s Inside Turn) start X hand
  11. Cuddle (F’s Inside Turn into Cuddle)
    In & back out; repeat
    Out & exit with inside turn
    End with a Lean (dip)
  12. Sugar Foot

Cindy Overstreet c 2007