Cornell PE Swing classes

Cornell University PE Department Classes
Open to all (over age 18 for non-CU students)
CU students get class credit
12 week 1.5 hr class

Please note starting Spring 2019 Kendall MacAdams, a talented dancer, will be teaching the Sunday section of Swing 1.

WHERE: Sunday classes at Helen Newman Hall (HNH) next to Beebe Lake,
Wednesday classes at Appel Commons, 3rd Multi-purpose Room, near HNH
See Cornell Map, locate Beebe Lake and find both buildings next to it.

Sign up with:
CU PE Department
607-255-4286; 305 Helen Newman Hall
$90/CU students
$140/ non-Cornellians
Non-CU students contact me to send a permission email to get you into the class.

CU SWING 1: East Coast (Jitterbug) and West Coast Swing
East Coast Swing  (beg & interned) is a playful and fun style of swing danced to Big Band, early Rock-n-Roll and contemporary swing.  This 6 count, triple step swing is good prep for Lindy Hop covered in Swing 2, Fall semesters. beg & interned moves & technique,
West Coast Swing (intro) is a smooth style of swing that continues to evolve and be influenced by current styles of music and dance (like hip-hip). Often danced to R&B, blues, club, country and pop (like Michael Jackson).

CU SWING 2: Intermediate/ Adv 
Pre-req: PE Swing 1 (both East and West Coast Swing) or permission of the instructor
Fall semester: LindyHop –  Learn advanced 8 count swing from the big band era, including Charleston patterns; this energetic and sophisticated style of swing captivated the nation and Europe in the 40’s and 50’s.  The fundamental patterns are 8 counts, but the 6 count patterns of “Jitterbug” (and infinite variations) are also used.

Spring semesterWest Coast Swing 2+ – Develop connection, technique, styling, and musicality by learning intermediate and advanced patterns, sequences, and footwork variations of this versatile dance that is compatible with contemporary music.