Weekly Ithaca Swing Events


Cornell Lindy Hop Club offers weekly Lindy Hop (8 ct swing) practice sessions at the Big Red Barn  from 7-9pm with a lesson for the 1st hour.  They may continue during the CU breaks. Visit them on Facebook

Swing Night @ the Range  119 E State St, The Commons, 7-9pm, once a month, usually the 3rd week, $5.  Live music, beautiful wood floor = great dance event.

Lot 10
 6-9pm FREE live swing music by Djug Django (Great musicians, fun dancing!) in the upstairs Lounge
106 S. Cayuga St, Ithaca, just off the Commons

Cornell Swing Dance Club 8-10pm weekly practice sessions at Willard Straight Hall 6th floor ballroom usually from  with some instruction, during the academic year (summers off). Visit them at www.cuswing.com and on Facebook.  At this point they do not include West Coast Swing, only East Coast and Lindy hop dancing.

Cornell’s New West Coast Swing Dance Network 9-11pm offers weekly practice sessions at Robert Purcell Community Center upstairs in the multi-purpose room with some instruction, during the academic year (summers off).

Ithaca Swing Dance Network sponsors a dance with live music and a free intro swing dance class, usually on the 1st Saturday several times during the school year.
See Ithaca Swing Dance Network for regional and special dance event info