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Fancy Dress Dance @ Ashokan Dance Camp

Fancy Dress Dance @ Ashokan Dance Camp

ISDN Swing Dance 30th Anniversary
Saturday, Nov 3rd, 2018

Intro Lesson 7pm
Live music 8-11pm



Erica SmithWorkshops: Nov 3rd, 1-4pm & 7pm

Cornell Workshops
Appel Commons, 3rd Floor multi-purpose room, 186 Cradit Farm Rd, Ithaca
1pm  Tuck It Out  tuck variations to accent the music
2pm Whip It Good! More spice for your whips
3pm Fancy Feet advanced syncopations & anchors

Evening Class & Dance:
St. Paul’s Church, 402 N. Aurora, Ithaca
7pm Rock & Go Connect & Flow Moves Inter/adv
8-11pm 30th Anniversary dance with live music:
Blue Blazers band

Prices & Packages:
Students/ Others
1 Class $10 / $15
3 Classes $20 / $30
All In: 4 classes & Dance: $35 / $45

No advanced registration. See you at the event!
Hosted by West Coast Swing Dance Network of Cornell and Ithaca Swing Dance Network.  Partially sponsored by SAFC.

For more info see Ithaca Swing Dance Network website.

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